Hello! I am 23 years old, Nebraskan born and raised. I have a passion for Jesus and helping people. My dream is medical missions. I have Celiac's Disease and love stupid humor. My blog is super random with no real continuity or theme whatsoever. Questions and comments welcome. =]


I don’t want your pity


when I tell you I can’t eat gluten.

I can deal with that

It means my food is a little more expensive, and sometimes disgusting, but I can deal. 

But when I actually eat (or am fed) some,

I want your sympathies. 

And your hugs, and your pity, and your concerns. 

I’ll be better soon, and I know that, but it is currently not at all pleasant. 

And if I ask you to rip my small intestine out, 

I’m not kidding.  

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